Around Kentucky Gallery

Enjoy a journey through time with a trip down the Kentucky River! Discover the power of hydroelectricity, the engineering behind locks and dams, and even create a drought in this awesome water experience! Discover nocturnal animals, underground rivers, and even minerals in our make believe cave! A Kentucky exhibition wouldn’t be complete without horses! Groom, dress and even ‘ride’ two 6 feet tall horses! 


Healthy Me Gallery

Look in our giant mouth and see many teeth. Do you know what’s hidden below your gumline? Check out our giant brain to learn about what different parts of your brain control.


Explorium Way

Kids can take on the role of many different professions in this gallery including banker, television reporter, veterinarian, doctor, lawyer, judge, and farmer. Our young professionals can look in the bank vault, report from multiple sites, care for dogs and cats, learn about their body, investigate humpty dumpty’s fall, and even milk a cow and take vegetables to the market!


Wonder Woods

Need a break with your toddler?  Explore inside the tree house and have some quiet reading time or play in the kitchen. You won’t want to miss our tiny tot fountain in this area dedicated just for children ages 3 and under!


Physics and Space

Have you ever wondered about space? In this exhibit, learn about gravity, momentum, shadows, and even fly an F-16! Don’t forget to take your picture walking on the moon! Place a scarf in the inlet boxes of the Zoom Tubes and watch as it spirals through clear tubing. There are endless opportunities to creative a masterpiece using our giant Light Bright.


Small World and Bone Zone

Discover the teeny truths about insects! Find out which bug glows under blacklight, and even wave hello to our Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula, Hercules! Dig through the past in our Dino Dig, make your own dinosaur footprints, create a dinosaur and dino name, play games about dinosaurs. Bone Zone is sponsored by G and J Pepsi.


Homes Around the World

Take a trip to four countries around the world in minutes! This exhibit is the perfect backdrop for dramatic play in one of our four homes, Samoan fale, American adobe, Mauritanian mud brick, and Turkish nomadic! Take a ride on the camel and cook out on our campfire! 


Bubble Zone

Discover the world from inside a bubble, create a bubble wall, or blow countless bubbles from our soapy well!


Sketch Pad

Explorium’s art room with all sorts of great ideas and materials to make your own creations! This area is currently closed for renovations. We anticipate opening in late Spring 2022!



The Explorium has a gift store with fun toys and games that align with our exhibits!